Indoor Pollution

Take a look at these shocking specifics and allot some free space in your brain to think about it:
�According to reliable sources it is said that it is better to stay outdoors and suffer air pollution than sitting indoors and doing the same. Indoor pollution can range from 5 times to 100 times that of outdoors. Wow that is something we need to think about.
�Majority out there are not farmers or people who work outdoors so it is obvious that you spend most of them time surfing the net like you are doing now, or school going, office jobs or a home maker. So the point is you spend 90 to 95% of your time in compact spaces like home, office and other buildings inhaling the same old trapped air.
�The American association for lungs and American association for heart claim that indoor pollution is the culprit behind those rising number of allergies and infections amongst kids and young adults. While they also state that it can also lead to severe ailments like cancer in certain cases.
�Those air fresheners that you spray around your house to set up a cozy romantic date or to hide that stinking odor when it’s time for your guests to invade are just pure poison in the name of great aroma.
�Makeup kits and all cosmetics contain substances that are dangerous for health and pollute indoors, but yeah they make you look a lot awesome for a short time.
�Printers, electronics, furniture’s and even the ultimate comfortable luxury mattress should be put behind the bars for their level of contribution indoors.
�According to EPA women who stay at home are prone to higher death rates of cancer than those who stay outdoors working.
�Your kitchen and store rooms contain harmful chemicals in beautifully sealed bottles named as cleaning supplies. Tempting buy 1 get 1 free that you pick from supermarkets are actually poison that emits volatile organic compounds that can seriously cause eye irritation, allergies and other ailments.
�Dust, pollen and spores are something that you don’t have control on as they are seasonal and depend on the location where you reside. These stuffs can actually get the hell out of you by making you visit hospitals frequently.
�Once you retire from your work spend your time outdoors as much as possible so that you don’t have to breathe in concentrated polluted air. It is said that elderly people suffer more than other age groups as they spend most of their indoors.